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Information and Communications Technologies Department

The Department is run by the Director Assistant Branislav Božić.

The Information and Communications Technologies Department contains the following internal units:

1. Section for computer communications, network management and internet/ 064 8167 174:

- Departmental for computer communications, development and network maintenance/ 064 8167 040;
- Departmental for internet technologies and network administration/ 064 8167 044;

2. Section for coordination and support e-government development, system and technical support/ 064 8167 178:

- Departmental for coordination and e-government development system support/ tel. 064 8167 176;
- Departmental for technical support/ 064 8167 043
- Departmental for republic bodies notary support

3. Section for information systems/ 064 8167 137;

- Departmental for application support and WEB technologies/ 064 8167-051
- Departmental for software development/ 064 8167 164;

4. Section for information security 064/8167-142

Purview of the Department

The Department operates following jobs:

  • attendance and coordination of development of e-government in republic bodies and hardware-software support for that development;
  • customizing the way of functioning information-communication technologies in republic bodies;
  • design, development, building and maintenance of the joint computer-telecommunications network of the Republic bodies;
  • connecting republic bodies and organizations to the Internet;
  • opening and administration of official domains for republic bodies;
  • development and maintenance email systems of republic bodies; system and technical informatics support for republic bodies;
  • introducing to regular exploitation of new operating systems, system and antivirus software, Internet presentation of republic bodies protection software;
  • Internet presentation of republic bodies hosting;
  • design and development of information systems of users;
  • maintenance of present information systems;
  • creating and introducing projects for automation common services, design and organize document and other databases for purposes of work of republic bodies;
  • data processing on computer, training of information systems users and other informatics tasks regarding ensuring of functioning and development of information system of republic bodies of Republic of Serbia.


Telephone: +381 11 361 12 98
Faks: +381 11 361 06 95
e-mail: branislav.bozic@uzzpro.gov.rs
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